"Travelling - it first leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller."

   -Ibn Battuta



''Gate is open, please step into the wonderful world of stories. ''

I have a story to tell you. Do you want to hear it?

about us


TarinaPortti provides storytelling program services, experiential promenades and plans events.


Our Filosophy

­"Just take your memories with you and

leave only footprints behind."

Indian Chief Si’ahl



”Now has summer ended. No problem. I have everything I need for winter...potatoes, carrots and berries. Autumn can arrive now.  I´m also waiting for the harvest festival. Maybe I have to find a new place for the winter....or I will stay with Taneli....Wilhelmiina thinks." 

Follow Wilhelmiina to an experiential promenade to the colourful old wooden town Neristan, the old town of Kokkola.
During the promenade Wilhelmiina tells stories of the past times and you will embark on a journey through time.


You can order a promenade for yourself and your group.