"Travelling - it first leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller."

   -Ibn Battuta

Who is looking behind the gate


I am Anette. I am Anette. Born on the National Swedish day, King Gustav Adolf the II’s day in Gamlakarleby, nowadays Karleby, Kokkola.  


I have been fascinated about stories and the wonderful world that my imagination created since I was a little girl. My curiosity carried me forward. Whenever I noticed an attraction somewhere, I had to see it. My curiosity was certainly one of the reasons why as a young woman I wanted to experience something completely different and new.  


I opened the gate that carried me across the seas for many years. 


I experienced and saw amazing things.  I learnt how valuable and rich a multicultural life is. 


For many years I have been studying tourism. I have broad professional education in tourism consisting of professional tourguide education, service provider in tourism education and several years of experience as guide.  


I am a professional guide and a member of The Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations.